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How does online reputation management work?

You can find (almost) everything on the web these days, and it doesn’t take much effort to dig up the dirt on anyone or any business you’re interested in learning more about. I mean, what do you think most employers, potential customers,…
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How To Manage Your Online Reputation Like A Celebrity

A good online reputation is vital for those who want to become famous, build their personal brands or are looking for a better place to be hired. From social media accounts to blogs and personal pictures, everything must be handled professionally,…
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3 Proven Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation

Many business owners and individuals contact us after something negative appears about them online. It could be true or false, but either way, negative articles, scathing reviews, and embarrassing photos can derail someone's career, affect a…
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Leaked data shows 95% of Google privacy requests are from normal people

The Internet never forgets, but according to a shocking report, hundreds of thousands of normal people every year wish it would. While the media has tended to sensationalize the question of whether individuals have a right to curate information…
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What to look for in a reputation management consultant

The greatest threat to businesses is having their reputation destroyed online. Competitors leave fake reviews, unhappy employees harm the brand in online forums, and unhappy customers take to social media to air their complaints. Similar…
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Four situations where reputation management pays big dividends

The internet is an incredible source of information. Whether you want to know the latest trends in fashion, the marital status of a person or the best price on that new gadget you have your eyes on, all you got to do is search Google. There…