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As the first negative SEO service, we’ve seen it all. From celebrities, to politicians, to executives, business owners, and regular people all over the planet…our clients over the years know that we’re not only the oldest, but the best place to buy negative SEO services online. 

If your online reputation has taken a beating, or if your business wants to remove bad reviews online, or if your competitors are stealing your rankings in search engines, we should talk.

There’s no reason to think that people are playing fair when it comes to ranking their websites. Even large companies have been caught numerous times doing whatever it takes to rank…including the use of black hat tactics like buying negative SEO attacks.

Whatever your situation is online, we’re happy to fix your problem.

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Our negative SEO services are well known to be the absolute best. Why? Because we are the original negative SEO service…on the scene since 2013.

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Some problems online are so bad that you need both positive and negative SEO to fix them. We’ll push down the bad search results and replace it with positive websites, videos, and articles to ensure people only see the good when they search for you or your business online.

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The longer a negative article, website, or review has been ranking on Google, the more difficult it is to push it down. Don't let the negative stuff grow roots...taking quick, decisive, and overwhelming action to your negative SEO problem is the best solution.
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What is Negative SEO?

You might not hear about negative SEO everywhere, but it is a key factor behind the way search engine algorithms work to rank websites. Basically, negative SEO is one or more strategies whose focus is to lower the SEO rankings of another website or page. Let’s find out more about negative SEO and how it can impact your website, business, and reputation online.

Is negative SEO common?

First of all, while negative SEO tactics may not be ‘mainstream’, this does not mean they are uncommon.

Many of our clients are businesses or individuals whose reputation has been damaged by a negative review. A lot of review sites do not require posters to substantiate their claims. This leaves a lot of room for abuse. So de-ranking or removing negative reviews like these is critical if a company is to exist.

Negative SEO services are also commonly used when someone has published misleading articles, fake reviews, embarrassing stories or photos, or items designed to harm a person’s reputation or a company’s brand name.

Negative SEO attacks can take place at any time, but it’s a misnomer that everyone is out to get their competitor. Sometimes, people want to de-rank social media posts or mugshots and arrest records regarding events in the distant past simply to improve their reputation online.

However, search engines such as Google do not make it easy to accomplish negative SEO, so it requires a number of techniques to succeed, plus great skills, a lot of time, and plenty of resources at their disposal.

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Is negative SEO real?

Yes, negative SEO can have a significant impact on the ranking of your website. However, don’t confuse it for a tactic that your competitors will take advantage of just to outrank you, because there’s often more to the story. It has been around for years, but not many people outside the SEO community know about it. Therefore, preventing negative SEO is sometimes a simpler task than fixing it.

Common types of negative SEO techniques

Here are some of the most common off-page (SEO elements that are based outside the website itself) negative SEO tactics that you should be aware of if you own a website.

Negative SEO Link Blasts

Search engines rank websites based upon a number of factors. Among the most important factor is high-quality, relevant backlinks. However, when a website has a significant number of spammy links pointed at their site, it signals to search engines that the site is of low quality, and negatively affects that website’s ranking. Often, the links required number in the millions, and are posted over a week or a month. In fact, in most cases, these links will use the same or similar anchor text, or something that is a bit risqué, in order to trigger spam filters.

Link Farms

In the early 2000’s, link farms were a popular way for website owners to trade backlinks in order to increase their ranking in Google. Nowadays, link farming is heavily frowned upon by search engines because it is seen as a blatant attempt to manipulate a site’s rankings.

The way it works is that a number of websites collude to exchange links with one another, site X gives links to site Y and Z, and in return, sites Y and Z give links to each other as well as site X.

However, in about 2012, Google’s Penguin algorithm began penalizing these schemes, and continues to do so to this day.


Link farming is an old-school tactic, but the downfall is that sometimes the other sites one links out to in an exchange will remove their links or go down. With a PBN, or private blog network, however, it is possible to simulate a link farm whilst remaining in complete control of the link architecture. It is a costly and time-consuming process, and only the very best negative seo services will have the resources to invest in a self-contained system like this.


Scraping is another common strategy for negative SEO. In this strategy, competitors can ruin your website’s ranking by copying your content and pasting it across thousands of other websites. In case the search engines find out the copied version first, that will be ranked higher, because it will be seen as canonical. Therefore, in most cases, scraping will be done as soon as you upload some content. To combat this, aim to index your content quickly by submitting it to an indexing service or sharing it on your social media channels.


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