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We also offer link disavowal services, positive SEO packages, and website design on a case by case basis.

Negative SEO Attacks are common: how do we know? Clients contact us and share their stories, so we have first-hand knowledge.

Read that sentence again, because it could very well explain why your competition is at the top of the search results while you have either suddenly lost ranking or have been struggling to move up.

The good news is that we are here to help you.

The reality is that a website’s rankings fluctuate from day to day, and not every instance of a rankings drop is due to poor backlink profiles–many times it is the result of bad onpage signals, a slow website, a lackluster SEO campaign, or because your competition is performing at a higher level to outrank you.

If you are trying to determine whether you have actually been attacked by negative SEO techniques, one tell-tale sign is a rapid rankings drop combined with a large spike in links for your keywords or for terms that have nothing to do with your website.

If you are facing an extreme situation like the one described, our services above can be used to dilute your anchor text, or for boosting tiered properties you own to improve your site’s ranking. In some cases, this is the result of being listed on a site that uses sitewide links, or because your SEO mistakenly built too many links or used the wrong terms. Mistakes happen.

While link dilution is a smart solution, exercise caution when pointing our links at your site directly since it may have a negative impact upon your rankings.

Whether or not your link profile reflects a huge mistake or something that was intentionally done, the effects are frustrating when having to deal with the problem. There is little that can be done to prevent other people, even competitors, from building backlinks to your site…in fact, backlinks are the very fabric of what we know as the word wide web.

Without links, there are no roadmaps to lead from one site to the next, but regardless of what your website is dealing with now, there are several paths of action you can take.

What to do after a negative SEO attack

  1.  Do nothing about what appears to be either a negative SEO attack or a neglected link profile: this is simply like throwing your hands in the air when your physician says you have a health concern. Inaction will rarely fix the problem, and often only makes matters worse. Like the ostrich who buries its head in the sand, giving up on your website isn’t going to help matters.
  2. Change the permalinks on your affected pages and hope for the best (unless it is your main page!): most sites can simply change and remap their url structure to try to disassociate from unwanted links. However, this is a short term solution, and rarely effective.
  3. Hide from search engines: while this means that you probably won’t have to deal with concerns about your backlink profile, it also means you won’t be seen in the SERPS, so setting your site to noindex is not a viable solution.
  4. Try to rank again: this is a complex and laborious process, but using a large influx of links to dilute your keywords and increase the number of linking domains can help to reduce overoptimization. Still, if your site is already healthy, you should avoid blasting directly to your site as this could have negative results. Instead, you want to check out this service.
  5. Fight back: one way to deal with a site suffering from performance issues is to make up your mind to regain control of your site and ranking. Let us take care of the disavowal process and help you fight back by building a stronger online presence.

In a perfect world, site owners would not have to deal with this issue; however, we need to face reality rather than what we might wish the world was like. Sometimes to effect change, one has to be courageous and to take a bold step in the direction of rebuilding. That said, one should also be extraordinarily cautious when assuming that a ranking problem is always related to something someone else did. In fact, as we’ve already mentioned, many sites suffer because they hired a well-meaning, but incompetent SEO who built low-quality links that search engines didn’t like.

Yet, if you think you may have been the victim of a negative SEO attack and feel that your search engine ranking has plummeted because of it, contact us now to get back on track again with our link dilution and disavowal services.

Not only can we help you defend yourself from the effects of negative SEO tactics, but we can help you recover your lost rankings. This is not an easy process, nor is it a quick one; however, this is what you must do now. We are on your side, and are happy to help.

Please note: We do not advocate the use of our backlink campaigns for a site you do not own or control. Your use of our service indicates your agreement with this policy.