Finding a trusted SEO company that accepts Bitcoin isn’t always easy, which is odd given that the sector is often portrayed as being led by tech-lovers and early adopters. Back in 2014, we decided to buck that trend, respond to demand from our clients and are now accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment! Just contact us to request an invoice payable in BTC or any altcoin of your choice.

While Bitcoin’s future is less hazy than it was several years ago, we hesitated, debated and discussed the idea of accepting it for months, did some serious research and finally decided to accept them as payment. Now that it’s more mainstream, crypto is becoming one of the most popular payment methods.


Here’s why we are stepping confidently in the direction of allowing our clients to buy SEO with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

1. Client demand: many of our clients need online reputation management and prefer to not deal with payment processors like PayPal and credit cards. Whilst we stand behind our position of offering clients 100% confidentiality with no questions asked, there are a few holdouts who would rather take advantage of the ability to remain rather anonymous via BTC’s platform. Not only that, but as bitcoin wallets and exchanges increase in popularity, a greater percentage of our clients happen to be using them to buy, sell and invest on a daily basis. Naturally, they want to have the flexibility of using the currency for digital services like ours.

Of course, we want to offer our clients the convenience of purchasing SEO services with BTC, especially given that they may live in a country where other payment platforms are less accessible than cryptocurencies.

As well, clients who have made a couple decent trades in a day (or hour!) can easily pay for our services with part of their daily profits, which is smart money management. This is the main advantage to clients whose businesses accept bitcoin, or who trade for a personal account…unlike using traditional online payment processors, you can make your money work for you.

(By the way, if you do not have a bitcoin account, it is surprisingly easy to open one. We use Coinbase because they are the most trusted in the industry, and if you use them, you’ll find the process is pretty straightforward.)

2. Competitive advantage: SEO agencies, while portraying themselves as forward-looking, tech-lovers, are often headed by rather conservative management teams who are more interested in client retention than surfing the bleeding edge of technology. Yes, that’s the dirty little secret of how many digital marketing firms operate: maintaining the status quo, charging obscene fees for outdated methods, and capitalizing upon business owners who may not have a very good grasp of technology. It is not surprising that they are behind the curve on this technological advance as well.

We also think there is a market to be made, especially in our line of work, and so we are pivoting NegativeSEOGuy in order to offer our current and future clients the convenience of paying for SEO services with Bitcoin. We held out at first, because we wanted to see whether there was enough liquidity in the market to enable fast transactions between us and our clients, and this was a wise decision given the currency is currently off the speculation-fueled bubble of early 2014. The downtrend suggests that many holders of BTC will be more eager to buy SEO services with Bitcoin.


Given the volatility in cryptocurrency markets, are we opening ourselves to taking a loss on a client’s campaign? Perhaps, but currency arbitrage is not something we are unfamiliar with; moreover, we can elect to have payments converted into a more traditional currency almost instantaneously, which practically eliminates the chances of getting caught on the wrong side of a price movement.

3. Lower transaction fees: The benefit of using many online payment gateways is convenience, but they also charge a hefty fee on the back end. Our clients do not face these fees but we do, which eats into our already tight margins. So we appreciate the lower transaction costs with the bitcoin platform, which are a fraction of traditional payment providers, because it allows us to reinvest in our servers, software and employees rather than filling someone else’s coffers.

4. We’re optimists: Both our positive SEO and negative SEO clients come to us because they envision a brighter future where search results reflect the picture they want to see every day. Likewise, we believe that buying goods and services with BTC is the wave of the future, and is only in its infancy. Now that large companies like Dell, Tesla, Expedia and Virgin Galactic accept payment in bitcoin, we feel we are in good company, especially since these progressive businesses have a reputation for being forward-thinking when it comes to retail.

Like any other medium of exchange, it will take a little while before the hoi polloi adopt it, but now that younger generations are now overturning many of the fusty, old ways of business, we believe that buying search engine optimization services with bitcoin will become increasingly popular in the months to come.

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