Shortly after news broke in mid-2012 that Negative SEO was becoming an issue, we went public because we realized that many victims of negative review sites and slanderous websites had no way of defending their reputation. We have tweaked and honed our negative SEO services since then, and with many satisfied clients around the world, we continue to lead the way in  the field of helping our clients defend their business and protect their reputation.

Despite the bad reputation that negative SEO gets at times, it serves a genuine purpose: that is, it provides individuals and companies with the ability to defend their reputation online. Imagine it was your business or good name that was being trashed…wouldn’t you want to fight back and defend yourself? Of course you would. So, to the critics, we say: get real.

We also offer services to help clients recover from Negative SEO. The internet is a place of public discourse, commerce, and information, but not all of it is to everyone’s liking, especially if that information is having a negative effect on their lives. What we provide is a unique form of online reputation management.

Perhaps an analogy between sports and negative SEO will help to make the point:

In most sports, at least contact sports, both sides realize that the other is going to play offense and defense.  The internet is no different…people are competing for a piece of the pie, whether it is market share, to air their opinion about a matter, or simply to gain spots in the search results.

If you are in ecommerce, you live and die by how well your site does in this game. Unlike a hobby site, which is just for fun, your website is your business. You need to feed your family, you need to pay your bills, you need to get your product or service out there in order to make sales. Because your competition wants that same thing for their family, they will attempt to take your position.

Negative SEO Company

Many clients come to us because their website is floundering and they are sick of being pushed around the SERPS by people whose sites contribute nothing to the space, or who occupy positions on the first page despite providing little value.

Others come to us for reputation management services because of negative reviews about their business or person, while some just want to compete against their rivals who are stealing all their sales.

We employ a number of tactics that involve some serious linking strategies.

Our methods are cutting edge, our clients are our first priority, and our results are amazing.

If you are finally ready to fight back and reclaim your status online, if you have tried everything to fix your situation and nothing seems to help, if you are sick and tired of being pushed around, then talk to us now…we’ll be happy to help you get to the top.

We offer a number of ways to provide for your particular needs, whether it involves positive seo, reputation management, or recovery from negative seo services.