A good online reputation is vital for those who want to become famous, build their personal brands or are looking for a better place to be hired. From social media accounts to blogs and personal pictures, everything must be handled professionally, much like with the care of building your resume. Because, in a way, your online reputation represents the perfect resume for future employers.

If you are looking for new ways to maintain your online reputation intact or to improve it in some matters, here is what you should do:

Filter what you post

Bear in mind that what you post online will forever be in the public eye, one way or another. This doesn’t necessarily mean to stop posting or censor yourself completely, but simply filter some of your posts in order to go with your improved image.

Almost half of today’s employers are looking for their possible new employees via social media platforms also, so don’t be surprised if you will not be called for a second interview if you have an attitude full of hatred, phobias or simply post dozens of pictures with you getting wasted at parties.

On the other hand, an extremely restrictive profile will not look too good for your online reputation either. If you do not take care of your social media accounts on a constant basis, employers or possible contractors may not trust you enough to offer you contracts or new jobs.

Stick to what you know best

Another way to keep your reputation intact is to stay away from Internet feuds. We all know, the Internet is full of stupidity and persons who should keep their mouths shut, but it is not up to you to solve this matter.

Avoid getting into political, sexual or racial feuds and disagreements of any matter

Instead, post information about your interests, hobbies, favorite sports or news. Always think before you post something, at this goes for pictures also. Needless to say that a profile full of kitty videos and stupid jokes will not improve your reputation at all.

Invest in your personal image and in what people want to see

Assuming you are trying to get new gigs or impress new contractors. The easiest way to do so through your online reputation is to simply strive to become the best version of yourself.

Invest in a clean and clear image, somewhat professional or suitable for the profession you are preparing. For instance, if you want to become a famous actor, your image is extremely important in terms of Hollywood standards. Make yourself likeable and pleasant.

On the other hand, if you are trying to score a better paid job or a higher position within a company, invest in your mind. Go to training classes, entrepreneurships and read books within your area of interest.

Monitor your online name

A simple Google search with your name should be enough for an employer to know if he wants you in his team. Monitor your online name and make sure you avoid scandals or shady situations. If, however, you cannot cope with that, simply be truthful to yourself and try to do some damage control.

Crisis management

If you are a celebrity, pro athlete, politician, public figure, or a business in need of online reputation help, get in touch with us now. As well, if by some unfortunate circumstance, you have been listed in a Ripoff Report or your business has been devastated in Yelp or Google reviews, or if you are struggling to remove a mugshot or negative article about you or your business, contact a member of our team today and we’ll help you clean up and repair your online reputation so that you can sleep at night.