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20 March 2014 ~ Comments Off

Why is Negative SEO is such a hot topic with bloggers?

Over the last few months I have noticed that a number of well-known bloggers are writing shrill-sounding articles about negative SEO, and I know why. It seems that ¬†everybody and their brother is trying to blame negative SEO attacks for everything that is wrong in the search engine results. However, the reason these articles are […]

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20 January 2014 ~ Comments Off

Five reasons to use a disavow links service

Backlink clean up has always been a notoriously difficult task. With some websites having thousands of links, contacting webmasters was simply too much effort and often fruitless. A number of our clients come to us not because they are the victims of negative seo, but because they hired a cheap SEO agency who then destroyed […]

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04 December 2013 ~ Comments Off

Five lies that SEO companies tell their clients!

Welcome to a new topic here at negativeseoguy.com! Once in a while, I hope to share thoughts about SEO, inbound marketing, and how to run a successful business online. I realize that most of my readership is made up of potential and current clients, many of whom are at their wits end when it comes […]

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02 December 2013 ~ Comments Off

Is Negative SEO getting a bad rap?

I’m going to explain why I think negative seo is actually a great thing, but first, let me share my rationale for writing this post:¬†I’m reading more and more blog posts these days by people in the inbound marketing business about how negative seo is either unfair or a waste of time. I can usually […]

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03 October 2013 ~ Comments Off

Google Hummingbird: positive and negative factors for SEO

Google hummingbird seo

BREAKING NEWS: 10/5/2013 Google has just confirmed that they have released another update of the Penguin algorithm, sending many sites into a tailspin. It seems the focus was upon sites that had ‘thin content’ and were older than a few months. While ‘Hummingbird’ was a change to the engine itself, ‘Penguin 2.1′ was a change […]

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