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Negative SEO Attack – Disavow links | Negative SEO Guy We provide a specialized service, but please avoid blasting directly to your site as this could have negative results on your ranking.

03 November 2014 ~ Comments Off

What to look for in a reputation management consultant

Online reputation management techniques for businesses range the gamut, from offensive and defensive link building techniques, proactive domain buying, building public relations websites, and social media campaigns. Here are some ideas for companies in need of reputation management tools: Ensure that you are working with a consultant known for reputation management There is a long-standing […]

28 October 2014 ~ Comments Off

Four situations where reputation management pays big dividends

The internet is an incredible source of information. Whether you want to know the latest trends in fashion, the marital status of a person or the best price on that new gadget you have your eyes on, all you got to do is search Google. There is a downside to all this accessibility though. People […]

22 August 2014 ~ Comments Off

A case study in online crisis management

Several months ago our team was contacted by a company whose reputation had been severely damaged due to malicious articles placed across several websites. The client had tried for approximately six months to eliminate this information, but found that the articles continued to stay rooted in place like a bad weed. Desperate, he contacted us […]

26 July 2014 ~ Comments Off

Should you use negative SEO to rank a client’s website?

If the goal of SEO is to defeat your client’s competition and dominate the SERPS, is it really more virtuous to use positive measures than it is to use negative ones? Probably, but we’ll leave that question for later. For now, if you have been in SEO for any amount of time then you have […]

07 May 2014 ~ Comments Off

What do the Great Explorers have to do with search engine rankings?

What do great explorers like Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, and Ferdinand Magellan have in common with search engine ranking and defending one’s interests online? Quite a bit, I think. For those who may not be familiar with the names I mentioned at the top of this article, these three individuals are among the greatest […]