Why are negative SEO attacks becoming more common? There are a number of reasons why someone may attempt to de-rank your website, but they usually fall into two categories:

If you have an online business, or even just a blog or social media account, you are susceptible to attacks by negative SEO services…scary but true. But all is not lost, so read on to find out a bit about how the practice of ‘Google bowling’ works and what you can do about it.

Negative SEO is a service designed to lower a website’s rankings. Obviously, this is the last thing that most people want to happen to their site, but that is not to say that you wouldn’t want to see other sites take a dive, and there are a number of perfectly legitimate reasons why people use a service like this.

1. A disgruntled employee/business partner/romantic interest/ decides to post negative things about you or your company in a blog, the blog starts to rank on the first page of Google for your name, your business/personal life/job prospects come to a halt.  This is the most common story our clients share with us–you wouldn’t believe the amount of character assassination that occurs online.  The problem is that people who would otherwise be interested in you or your services tend to believe what they read, whether it is true or not.

2. A competitor is deliberately attacking your site so they can steal your market share…if successful, you will lose your business.  This happens all the time, and because many business owners don’t know how to monitor their rankings or sculpt their backlink profile, they are often the last to know what happened after negative search engine optimization services have been used against their site.
3. Other websites outrank you for your preferred search terms, but really add no value. For instance, if you are a plumber in San Diego, and customers who are trying to find you end up getting old blog pages about some random guy who remodeled his house in that area seven years ago and goes into detail about how difficult it was to rip out the copper pipes. You cannot afford to have someone like that taking your space.
4. Use your imagination–there are lots of things people use us for. Check out our service at NegativeSEOguy.com we are affordable and reliable.

Are you susceptible to any of these attacks? If you’re successful, then the answer is ‘yes’.

Are you already a victim and want to know what to do after a SEO attack? If so, don’t suffer in silence; get in touch with us asap and we’ll help improve your online reputation.