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Five lies that SEO companies tell their clients!

Welcome to a new topic here at negativeseoguy.com! Once in a while, I hope to share thoughts about SEO, inbound marketing, and how to run a successful business online. I realize that most of my readership is made up of potential and current…
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Are Negative SEO Services Ever Justifiable?

I'm going to explain why I think negative seo services are actually a great thing, but first, let me share my rationale for writing this post: I'm reading more and more blog posts these days by people in the inbound marketing business about…
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Negative SEO: What you need to know about online attacks

Why are negative SEO attacks becoming more common? There are a number of reasons why someone may attempt to de-rank your website, but they usually fall into two categories: They want to outrank you in search results You have posted something…