Have you ever wondered why the websites and web pages that have published similar content to yours get more unique visitors and greater exposure?  One reason is because the individuals and SEO firms that are managing those particular websites are continuing to master the realm of search engine optimization by posting and publishing even more relevant content and links.

Unless you can do the work of five SEO experts, or have thousands of dollars to spend on outsourcing a team of professionals, and I don’t mean some guy you hired for five dollars, your site is never going to beat the winners.

how to negative seo

The constant stream of curated content produced by a team of experts will allow them to maintain and even elevate their current ranking positions within the search results of Google and other popular search engines.

They’re on the first page for a reason and, trust us, they do not plan on losing their spot anytime soon…there is too much money at stake.  This is just the way it is and there is never going to be anything that you can do about it.  Or, is there?  This is where the planning of a negative SEO attack comes into play.

Lots of people who condemn negative SEO attacks in public forums practice it in secret. They’ll say things like ‘just build your site and don’t worry about others’, but we would say ‘just build your site and let us worry about others for you’.

I mean, do you really think that big corporations tell themselves, ‘Let’s just worry about building a great product and ignore our competition.’? What do you end up with? A good product that nobody knows about because the competition has outmaneuvered you while you were focused upon yourself.

Offense Runs the Show, Defense Wins the Game

In most physical contact sports such as football and rugby, it is always the offensive effort that runs the show and scores the points.  However, the defense is what allows one team to stop the other from scoring and, therefore, is the key element that is needed in order for them to win the game.

Within the game of search engine optimization, defense is essential as well.  So many site owners get pummeled by their opponents and just keep believing the myth ‘you shouldn’t fight back…just play nice.’  Well, my friend, playing nice isn’t going to keep food on your table, it isn’t going to pay for your kid’s college and it isn’t going to give you enough to live on when you retire!They can have the best offense in the world, but if they do not do anything to stop the other team from scoring then they will never be able to win the game.

Regardless of the quality content that you post and publish on your website, you will never be able to reach the top ranking position on the first page until you are able to stop the opposing teams and cause them to stop scoring as many points.

Negative SEO attacks provide you with the defensive advantage that you need to get the results that you desire.  This unique system works as a direct opposite for ordinary SEO, causing those pages to be reduced in the ranking and pulled back a few pages instead of continuing to rise and maintain a top-ranking spot.

nseo attack

You Can’t Do This on Your Own

The owner of a professional sports team cannot win the game against an opposing team all by himself; he would not even know where to begin.  That is why he invests in the services of professional athletes that can get the job done, which is where we come in.

When it comes to negative SEO or positive SEO, you need to invest in the services of the professional experts at NegativeSEOguy.com that are skilled, experienced and can win the game on your behalf!  Order now to start having a winning season for a change.

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