There has been no shortage of controversy about whether it is ever justifiable to downgrade a site in the SERPS, and we’re aware that some of the concern is well-founded. However, there is no reason to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Our guess is that even the most strident opponents of negative seo would think twice if they found themselves under attack.

The internet provides a certain anonymity that allows competitors and, well, enemies, to do irreparable damage to your good name and source of income. Hey, you did not go looking for a fight, but when someone deliberately lashes out at you, would you not at least try to defend yourself? The alternative, of course, is to allow the damaging info to remain online, ranking on the first page so that when a potential client or employer (or love interest) Googles your name or your business name, all they see is pages of misinformation that makes you and/or your company look sinister.

We are of the opinion that due to this, there is a place for our services. Below, we have condensed some of our thoughts on the issue in a user-friendly infographic. Again, we don’t want to twist anybody’s arm to agree with our stance, but at the same time, we do hope to be a resource for those who feel comfortable with defending themselves and their business from those who wish them ill.

When should you use Negative SEO company?