Before I discuss this controversial topic in greater detail, let me set the stage. Over the past several years, more and more people have become aware of the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  This is basically the art and science of making your website the best it can be by posting articles, making YouTube videos, building links and doing on-page optimization, among other things.negative seo money

Regardless of whether or not they understand the system itself and how it works, the general website owner is still impressed by the results that can be achieved when they tweak, adjust and keep their sites current. When search engines like your site, you rise to the top…it is a popularity game…the internet is just like high school, but with one difference, the more popular you are, the more money you make! 

This is great, if you are one of the cool kids on the internet, because it means you can drive the car you want, eat at whatever restaurant you want, you can be generous with your parents and friends, you can travel, etc.  However, if you find yourself working long hours only to be pushed around by the ‘cool’ websites, you suddenly realize that people on the first page are aggressive and they don’t want to share their popularity with you.  The truth is that while we might wish everything in life was fair, it isn’t. So even if you have invested in hundreds of pages of SEO content and links, you still have to fight against your competitors on the internet day after day just to make your voice heard.

 What is Preventing Your Website from Reaching the Top of the SERPs?google bombing

The one thing that is separating you from the prime ranking position with the generated results from your favorite search engine is all of the other similar listings and articles that have already been posted, published and now seem to be completely dominating those specific types of keyword searches.  Is that where it ends?  Is that just the way that it has to be in today’s digital age—whoever is already the king of the hill will remain king of the hill? Is your site always going to be like one of the ‘nerds’ that the cool sites laugh at?  Fortunately, no – there is a way that you can fight back and put yourself in a better position to reach the top of these search lists as well.  What is this miracle method?  It is known as negative SEO (NSEO).

 Understanding the Basics of Negative SEO

what is negative seo?

What exactly is Negative SEO (also known as NSEO or Google Bowling)?  Negative SEO is specifically designed to provide the polar opposite effect of normal SEO content.  Instead of building up a page so that it is elevated in ranking throughout the Google search pages, for instance, negative SEO is effective at breaking a page down and lowering its overall ranking position within those searches.  Therefore, by having negative SEO generated for some of your competitors, their pages will be reduced in ranking as yours continues to rise and eventually land you on the first page.  Basically, instead of getting beat up, this helps you to stick up for yourself…think of it as MMA for the internet.

 You Cannot Do This on Your Ownnseo breaking bad

 There are plenty of how-to articles and reports that you can read to find out how to master SEO content in today’s digital age.  Unlike regular SEO content, which you can easily create yourself, negative SEO is not that simple. You need to be able to invest in the services of a professional that has been able to prove themselves successful at mastering this art of war and who can get you the results that you need for your page to succeed.

By trusting in the quality service and successful track record of, you will be putting yourself on the fast track towards a high ranking position on the first page of Google. Stop letting the so-called ‘cool kids’ bully your site and let us start helping you to fight your way back to the top where you belong!