Reputation management servicesWe receive emails from business owners and individuals every day after something negative appears about them online. It could be true or false, but either way, negative articles, scathing reviews, and embarrassing photos can derail someone’s career, affect a company’s revenue, and harm their reputation.

Here are our top 3 ways to fix a damaged online reputation:

1. Contact the person who posted the harmful info about you or your company.

In most cases, they will not respond, because they often use a random email to make the account where they posted the document. They wrote in anger or out of frustration, and once they get it off their chest, they move on. Unfortunately, their review will stick forever unless something is done.

Still, in those instances where you know who the poster is, it is always best to first try to talk it out and explain why this info is unacceptable. If they have posted something that is untrue and/or defamatory, you may have to seek out legal help to get it taken down. The major drawback, of course, is the time and large expense involved to get something removed. If the person is in a different country, or uses a platform/server located in a country that does not recognize or enforce judgments from your country, even a win in court will mean nothing when it comes to getting the info off the front page of a Google search.

2. Build a network of new websites, then work to outrank the negative website.

This is traditionally known as ‘online reputation management‘, or ‘ORM’, for short. Not only is it a viable solution, but it allows you to have some control over the situation rather than leaving it to the opinion of a court, which could take months, or even years, to settle, not to mention spending an ENORMOUS amount of money in hiring a lawyer. Also, even if you are successful in getting one article/review removed, that won’t necessarily stop your enemy from posting again.

Timelines vary for outranking the negative news. Suppressing a website can happen in as little as a couple months, but this is generally rare. Typically, it takes about six months or more to curate the results on the first page.

3. Hire a negative SEO service.

Perhaps more controversial, and despite sounding self-serving, there are a number of genuine instances where personal contact and legal channels simply lead nowhere. Imagine one day doing a Google search for your name or your company’s name and discovering that not only has someone posted terrible things about you, but that your children, coworkers, friends, and neighbors can also see these things. Just as you would be right to defend yourself if someone physically attacked you or someone you love, there is no shame in wanting to fight for your reputation online.

If you are a visitor to this site, and find yourself in need of help, get in touch with one of our agents today and let us help you get your reputation back to where it should be.