Google My Business is a great tool for business owners. It allows you to manage your online presence and connect with customers. However, there are some customers who demand the moon, and they can be unreasonable. When this happens, don’t bend over backwards to try to reconcile with them. This will only make you look weak and give them what they want. Instead, stand your ground and be firm. Explain that you’re not going to give them a discount or free follow-up, and see if they’re willing to compromise. If not, then it’s time to move on. Don’t waste your time with customers who are never satisfied. It’s best to deal with the negative business review by removing it with a negative SEO campaign.

Want Advice on How to Deal with Negative Reviews?

We’re local search experts that help businesses manage their online reputation. We’ll take a look at your Google My Business page and give you advice on how to deal with negative reviews posted there. If you’re interested, just contact us and we can review your page and provide you with a strategy to take back your online rankings.