In today’s social media-driven world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a strong online presence. Customers increasingly rely on online reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, and fake engagement can be bad for business. Here’s what you need to know about the dangers of fake engagement and how it can hurt your business.

•Google has called out ‘Fake Engagement’ in their review guidelines, which includes merchant requests for revision or removal of a negative review.

• Business owners cannot try to reconcile with an unreasonable customer who demands the moon, by bending over backward to reconcile via a discount, free follow-up, or other alternative.

• Bad reviews on Facebook, Google Business, and Yelp will drive away potential customers and cost business owners thousands of dollars per year in lost business.

• In today’s digital age, potential customers are increasingly turning to online reviews to make purchasing decisions. And a business with a reputation for poor quality and customer service is unlikely to stay afloat for long.

In short, the following issues are important questions that relate to using negative SEO to deal with fake reviews online.

1. What is Fake Engagement?

-Fake engagement is when customers leave untruthful reviews about a business.

2. How Can Fake Engagement Hurt My Business?

-It can damage your credibility and reputation.

-It can drive away potential customers.

3. How Do I Deal With Bad Reviews?

-Own up to your mistakes.

-Apologize sincerely and take action to make things right.

-Monitor your online reputation closely.

-Consider using a negative SEO expert to deal with the problem.